Mat & Ali


On June 1, 2018, Mat and Ali will be embarking on The Good Vibes Tour; a self propelled, coast-to-coast cycling crusade to celebrate Canada’s legalization of cannabis, cultivate positive awareness and promote time spent outdoors.

We believe that The Good Vibes Tour represents a super fun opportunity to help normalize cannabis use, support the cannabis community and shake off outdated social stigmas and stereotypes.

As a cannabis infused adventure duo who has an active, outdoor lifestyle, we think it'd be rad to share our experiences on The Good Vibes Tour through authentic, entertaining, original content; photos, stories, blogs, videos and GPS maps.

Mat & Ali depart from Vancouver Island, BC and will explore an exciting, challenging and unconventional route East across Canada using a combination of The Great Trail and other bike friendly routes.



Our enthusiasm for bike touring, backcountry exploration, camping and adventure lead us to choose a slightly unconventional, quasi-remote route from West to East. Our exact route includes part of The Great Trail (formerly, The Trans Canada Trail) and other off-the-beaten, bike friendly routes, while still hitting major cities and cannabis hot spots along the way. 

We’ll be starting in cannabis-friendly Victoria, BC and heading up and over to the Sunshine Coast, down into the cannabis capital of Vancouver, through to Nelson and up and over the highest pass of the TGT, the Grey Creek Pass, down into Kimberley and continuing through to Fernie, BC.

After that, we head East over to Calgary, and onto Saskatoon, through Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, down to Manitoulin Island & the Bruce Peninsula, undecidedly towards Toronto, then Ottawa to Montreal and Quebec City, passing through Fredericton, Moncton and finally Halifax. 

We are excited to document and share our daily journey along The Good Vibes Tour with our supporters and followers through authentic, entertaining, original content. We will integrate photos, stories and live streaming videos on social media platforms like, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, blogs, vlogs and on-the-fly video edits through our website and interactive GPS tracking through the Strava app. 






We met five years ago at a celebration for Mat’s twenty-ninth birthday. We bonded over bikes and boards and the fact that we were both working jobs we didn’t really love. We were unhealthy, partied out and ready for change; something sparked between us.

The next day, Mat broke his pelvis mountain biking and I, Ali, decided that while he went through the pain of recovery, I should finally face the discomfort of getting into shape. My fitness and Mat's injury demanded that we take an easy-going approach and slowly but surely, we started getting outside; hiking, biking, walking in the woods and cannabis infusing our adventures.

A few months into the transition, we came up with the idea to embark on a four-month, nine-thousand kilometre, self-supported, cycle tour from the West Coast of Canada to the East. In the summer of twenty-fifteen, we did it. 

The bike trip was an incredible adventure, a stunning success, that (among other things) helped us transform into fitter, healthier and happier humans, further reinforcing the benefits of the things we love; radness, wellness, cannabis and time spent outdoors.

At the end of the bike trip, we weren’t courageous enough to share all of the influential, introspective and intergalactic cannabis infused parts of our journey with others, even though we wanted to open up about the goodness it brought to our lives. 

Luckily, over the past few years, thanks to a progressive and supportive cannabis community, we've been able to untangle from our old mindset and find the the courage to open up and share our story.

We are beyond excited to announce that, this summer of twenty-eighteen, we will be celebrating Canada's cannabis legalization with The Good Vibes Tour, a coast-to-coast cycle crusade to cultivate positive social awareness and spread good vibes.