The Baked Edibles & Columbia River Trail Adventure

We load up our bikes, stock up on some Baked Edibles (Double Strength) Sunshower Gummy Drops and Gorilla Glue #4 at the Rossland Dispensary and then head for the Columbia River Trail, a spur of The Great Trail starting at Gyro Park in Trail, BC.

We each ate one delicious 10MG gummy drop in the parking lot, before pedalling through Sunningdale and up Sandpit Road, following the Trans Canada Trail signs. It's a good warm up climb that leads us to an awesome, hard packed trail that weaves down, up, down and around, just a bit inland from the Columbia River itself. 

The Columbia River Trail, Trail BC

The edibles kick in about twenty minutes into the ride, perfect timing. They don't come on too strong and since we've been on a refined sugar hiatus, the sugar buzz adds a little kick to the system. 

The trail is awesome, not a soul in sight, just some deer and horse turds. It's well packed down, fast, flowy and wide in some sections, mixed with with technical, rocky and narrow singletrack. It has it all!

Mountain Biking down the Columbia River Trail, Trail BC

Celebrating the climb up the Columbia River Trail, Trail BC

The Baked Edibles Double Strength Sunshower Gummy Drops were so potent and uplifting that we didn't stop to smoke flowers until half way through our adventure, quite unusual for us!

About 7k in we decided to roll up some Gorilla Glue #4 and have a puff. I loved it! Not only was it tasty, and smooth, but the ash burned clean and the high was immediate but not overwhelming. 

Straight chilling on the Columbia River Trail, Trail BC

We didn't experience any burnout from the Baked Edibles Double Strength Sunshower Gummy Drops OR the Gorilla Glue #4. Plus, I'm pretty sure I laughed the whole day!

We did peep some vultures circling us from the top of the bluffs, maybe they wanted some tasty cannabis infused goodies too!

Mat pointing out the large vultures circling overhead. 

Mat and Ali both give Baked Edibles Double Strength Sunshower Gummy Drops AND the Columbia River Trail (or the part that we rode) the Mat & Ali "High Five" of Highly Recommended Approval.

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