On June 1, 2018, Mat and Ali embarked on The Good Vibes Tour; a self propelled, coast-to-coast cycling crusade to celebrate Canada’s legalization of cannabis, cultivate positive awareness and promote time spent outdoors.

The Good Vibes Tour was a super fun opportunity to help normalize cannabis use, support the cannabis community and shake off outdated social stigmas and stereotypes.

As a cannabis infused adventure duo who has an active, outdoor lifestyle, it was awesome to share our experiences on The Good Vibes Tour through authentic, entertaining, original content; photos, videos, stories and GPS maps.

We departed from Vancouver Island, BC and explored an exciting, challenging and unconventional route East across Canada using a combination of The Great Trail and other bike friendly routes. We ended in Halifax, NS on October 13th after 9000, kilometres of bike travel and 135 adventure filled days on the road.

Thanks to everyone who followed The Good Vibes Tour & supported us along the way!